Redefining Healthcare

operatingtheatrex300Healthpartners provides a range of healthcare advisory and management services to providers and facilities throughout the world.


The company and its partners has extensive expertise in all aspects of international healthcare and because we are serious about the provision of well-managed quality healthcare, we believe that our array of services and also our track record speaks for itself. With our framework of partnerships and strategic alliances we are able to provide a full spectrum of services within the healthcare environment.

Working together, this alliance of companies can and has accomplished more for our clients than any individual company.

The company specifically offers a comprehensive package of services for clients wishing to build and equip high quality well-managed healthcare facilities, develop projects, or seeking to outsource overall management responsibility, anywhere in the world.

 kiaathospitallayoutKIAAT PRIVATE HOSPITAL

Nozala Investments and Health Partners identified an opportunity to provide quality and affordable healthcare provision in South Africa and the rest of the African Continent.

Nozala Investments is a broad based women’s empowerment group focused on the acquisition of significant interests in listed and unlisted companies operating mainly in the resources, industrial and consumer services and healthcare sectors.

HealthPartners (“HP”) is a SA and UK based healthcare company with the founding members having in excess of 40 years of experience in managing, operating hospitals and consulting to both public and private sector, and have worked for the leading private hospital groups in SA and internationally (UK and Middle East).

Nozala Healthpartners is a new entrant to the private hospital industry and are the project managers involved in the construction of the new Mthatha Private Hospital situated in the Eastern Cape.

The Hospital is to be constructed within the Kiaat Ridge Mixed Use Development Park, which will include retail, business & residential facilities, located on the R40 between Nelspruit and White River, approximately 5 km from the Provincial Government Complex in Nelspruit and 14 km from the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. In addition, the development is less than 2km away from the newly announced Mpumalanga University site, Cefups Academy and the Penryn College Private School.  

HealthPartners (HP) is a S.A. and UK based healthcare company. It is run by individuals with extensive experience in, and knowledge of the healthcare business.  The business of HP is to develop and manage its own hospitals and also those owned by third parties. Our Teamhealthcareindividuals